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29 Apr 2013

Barcelona Body Challenge with Maxitone - The Beginning

I’m going to Barcelona in June and in an effort to get beach-body ready, I’m upping my fitness. I’m not losing weight but I am toning up and losing the muffin top. If I'm feeling a bit braver later I'll post before and after photos... No promises though.

Last month, Maxitone sent me a voucher for a fitness day (an exercise class and nutrition talk - I’ll share the info when I get it) and some protein powder and a shaker to get me off to a good start. 

I’ve also started following Tone It Up for their weekly exercise regime (plus the photos on their website are total inspiration to get beach fit!)

I’ll be blogging and instagramming about my exercise, food, and on My Fitness Pal to track it all (come find me if you’re joining me - predictably my username is laurenlovesblog)

This week, I’ll be eating super healthy (I’ve discovered 2 boiled eggs for breakfast keeps me going until lunch and the Baxters Stay Full soups at lunchtime, then BBC Good Food recipes for dinner). I’m also totally inspired by Gizzi Eskine's book “Skinny Weeks and Weekend Treats” where you eat 1,500 calories (or the amount calculated by My Fitness Pal) every day except one day a week which is a “treat” day and you can eat more cheeky foods. I can’t function on a healthy diet without being allowed to bake and eat cupcakes once a week!

My exercise plan for this week is:

Monday: Abs workout from Tone It Up!

Tuesday: 20-30 minutes hula hooping

Wednesday: Booty Workout from Tone It Up!

Thursday: 20 minutes on the cross-trainer/static bike

Friday: Toning Workout from Tone It Up!

Saturday: Bootcamp at Hillmotts (thanks Maxitone)

Sunday: Walk on the beach (or a shopping centre...)

plus I’ll be trying to go for a walk every day if I can - I live along the south coast so really should make the most of it.


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  1. Good luck with your fitness goals. The Tone It Up videos are great, I love Blogilates too for a quick workout. x


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