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10 Mar 2013

Review: EOS Lipbalm

The other day I was sent an Eos lipbalm in pomegranate and raspberry from Designer-Beauty - I've not tried the but obviously read all about them on other blogs, and with bloggers raving about them I was very excited. I've often been let down by lipbalms, with them moisturising for about 10 minutes and then wearing off. 

The balm comes in a sphere, which you unscrew to find the balm

The balm is spherical, so is really easy to apply without using your fingers (great for girls with false nails!) and smells delicious - really fruity. 

The balm itself is lovely quality, it lasts for ages and leaves my lips really hydrated and soft - even when I was particularly suffering last weekend with dry, flaky lips this saved me! I am so impressed with it. I tend to have problems with petroleum based lipbalms not lasting long and leaving my lips dehydrated after application but this has no petroleum or parobens and is amazing. I really rate this product

Eos lipbalms come in loads of flavours and cost £6.95



  1. What a cute little product. I'm forever losing lip balms or disappointed with their performance, so might have to invest in this one.

    Rae x

  2. Got them in NYC since they reminded me so much of balmi, they're great!

  3. I've been using the EOS lipbalms for a couple years now, shipping them in from the US. I've found that the quality and texture of the balm itself depends entirely on the flavour. My current one which I believe to be a strawberry one is not so great but I've used others there were really good. I'm just finishing my last EOS and I'm making the move to Baby Lips as I bought a bunch from Australia! Btw, just want to let you know that the blog you are following that was previously owned by myself is now dormant but you can find me on my new blog; The Science of Happy. It already has 29 posts up so far so lots to read already and I've got a new feature up where you get to be nosey and see what other followers have in their bags!


    - TSOH


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