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23 Mar 2013

March so far in Photos

One of my resolutions was to take more photos, and until now I've been doing really well. However sadly my phone has gone into repair this week so I'm photo-free until my boyfriend comes back from his Mum's with his phone tonight. Boo! Here's a selection of my favourites from the past few weeks.

I went out last weekend for my friend's birthday - it was vintage 1950s themed so I wore my silk print skater dress from Love @ Topshop (they still do it in plain green here)

I was a pirate for Red Nose Day! The service users in the company baked cakes and made over £150!

Got a new phone cover on eBay (although no phone so a bit useless at the moment!)

and I baked! 
  • Chocolate chip and oat cookies (recipe here)
  • Black and white chocolate cheesecake brownies (recipe here)
  • Jaffa cakes - not very pretty but tasty! (recipe here) How they stop the hot chocolate from melting the jelly and sliding off I don't know
  • 150 calorie chocolate mousse (recipe here)
  • Creme Egg cupcakes (recipe here)

and I went back to my home of Brighton for a day trip and went to Choccywoccydoodah for a cup of hot chocolate and slice of cake!


  1. OMG those Cream Egg cupcakes look amazing!

    And i also love that dress - the print is beautiful!


  2. that floral dress looks stunning! I love it! Perfect for summer.. And the cute lil bunny figurine catches my attention. Is that from playboy?

  3. No, it's a sculpture made of chocolate from Choccywoccydoodah! x


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