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15 Mar 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I'm sure you would have seen on loads of other blogs, but Google Reader is disappearing! This means we can't read a huge list of our favourite blogs anymore and some bloggers are suggesting this means Google Friend Connect (aka our follower numbers) are going to disappear too. Not great news right? I'm assuming it's all part of trying to get people onto Google+ like when they removed Google Friend Connect from non-blogger blogs a couple of years ago. Boo

Anyway there's a solution! If you're on Bloglovin you can keep your favourite blogs and gather readers through there.

How to get Bloglovin

Firstly, if you're not a member, go to Bloglovin and sign in using your email or Facebook, then go to this link and import all the blogs you follow from your regular RSS reader. If you want to put your blog on their also, go to "claim blog", enter your blog address and click go! It will generate a code which you need to copy and paste into an HTML box on your sidebar and you're registered to go!

There are also options to get follow buttons for your side bars to encourage readers to sign up, again just click the button you want and copy and paste the HTML code.

While you're there, please also follow my blog on Bloglovin

Another positive is it gives a quick to load (my Google Reader took ages) and pretty list of blogs, it's easy to read and works well on my kindle and phone (although I have an android so waiting on the app). 

I was pretty annoyed when I heard that followers might disappear, but as my boyfriend said, it's our chance to work really hard on our blogs, build up our follower numbers again and make a fresh start. 

Good luck girls!

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