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14 Mar 2013

Crimes of Fashion: Pugly Face

I got a tweet from awesome blogger Shivvy from Shivvy Shops last week saying she'd seen this and thought of my crimes of fashion posts, here's her find. Thanks Shivvy

The Mountain on ASOS seem to do a range of animal tshirts, her particular favourite being a huge pug's face!

The Mountain - £22 (is the model looking horrified that she's pictured wearing such a crime?)

It's pretty horrific, I love the idea that at a quick glance the model kind of looks naked (and wrinkly) other than some sort of huge black blob in the middle of her stomach and some eyes as droopy boobs! I know I'm a lover of classic, feminine fashion so I'm not the most crazy adventurous but this is a step too far! 

It also comes in Meerkat (very trendy) 

Or cheeky monkey face...

Are these your perfect new PJs? Next fancy dress outfit? 


  1. Oh dear! Ha. My favourite thing about The Mountain's collection is that all the animal eyes are strategically placed to look like extremely funky nipples. Brilliant.

    Good Brooking.

  2. What!! They are so weird! And I would never waste my money on them!

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