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20 Jan 2013

Spending Ban Update and Wish List

So I've been on a spending ban since the beginning of the month (see this post here for the rules). Here's the update so far:

I've bought

  • new shampoo, conditioner and mousse because that's necessary. 
  • A boiler service (the excitement of owning a home)
  • Food shopping
  • Petrol (but I get this back from work)

However I have accumulated a rather expensive "want" list for next month

Essie Penny Talks nailvarnish - it's rose gold! 

Image taken from polishandpearls.com

Deep, narrow cake tins to make my own Red Velvet Cake - my boyfriend took me to the Hummingbird Bakery in Kensington a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious. I've bought the cake days book since!

Image from lexeat.co.uk



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