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2 Jan 2013

New Year’s resolutions

I love New Year's Resolution posts so thought I'd join in. 2012 has been a strange year for me... My Nan, who I was incredibly close to, developed cancer in May and died in October which I really struggled with, I split up with a long-term boyfriend and met someone amazing. I moved into my own house in January and am now living there with my cat. I got a new job in January and started a voluntary one too... lots! I feel like I’ve grown hugely and although it’s been really difficult at times I’ve come out much happier and much closer to my family and friends. I’m hoping 2013 will be an exciting, fresh new start so here are my resolutions.

Pay more attention to my blog
This last year has been a really strange one for me. I have had a lot going on in my personal life so sadly the blog has been my last priority even though I’ve got long lists of what to blog about. In the new year I hope to always set aside time to post at least once a week, and would greatly appreciate prompts on twitter when I’m slacking!
Say yes more

In the last year I have learnt the value of saying yes to opportunities and trying to ignore the cold feet. When asked last minute in November if I wanted to spend a weekend in Spain, I said yes even though old me would have dithered and eventually said no because I was afraid. As a result I had an amazing adventure and it was so much fun. I’ve also said yes to going to London even though it terrifies me (I grew up in Shetland – there weren’t many people so I get a bit scared!), to meeting people and going out places I wouldn’t have before and to new opportunities.
Say sorry less
I say sorry way too much, about everything even when it’s not my fault. I know it’s totally annoying and I will stop
Try to be less clumsy

I am that girl in a film who will fall over, knock over things or bang her knees on everything.  On rom-coms it’s shown as cutesy and the guy always totally loves her for her cute inability to do anything gracefully but in real life it’s incredibly annoying. I don’t think I go a day without spilling something, knocking over something or stubbing my toes and my legs are permanently covered in bruises. I’m going to try really hard this year to be careful!

Make more time for my friends
I think this goes along with saying yes more, but I will make an effort to go out to see my friends other than big events. I’m going to see my friends for cups of tea or just a half hour lunch break.
Watch more films
I've apparently lived a sheltered life and not seen loads of films which I'm currently trying to remedy.

Look after my skin
I have irritable skin and need to learn my lesson and stick to a skincare routine. I know Dermalogica works for me so have invested in a big order

Keep a diary

I'm not sure why this has sprung into my head but it seems like something I should do. I've never kept a diary before but like to look at emails, texts and photos so maybe keeping a diary/scrapbook would do the job. I bought a lovely notebook so will try very hard (which is what my resolution list is written on!)

Take More photos
Going with the diary thing - I love photos and I want to document my next year so will try to photograph as much as I can and I can always delete the rubbish ones!

Always have something to look forwards to (inspired by Tabitha of Scared Toast)

  • Going away over the summer
  • Going to London more – I was inspired by a visit a few months ago and there’s so much there to see and do. I just need to get over my fear of crowds
  • Seeing Stomp – my boyfriend’s mum got us tickets!
  • Seeing old university friends I haven’t seen in years
  • Doing “Come Dine With Me” with my friends, which also means travelling to Cardiff, London, Southampton and other homes
  • My 25th Birthday! AAAHHHH!!!



  1. Such good resolutions, i'm hoping to become more of a 'yes' kind of girl; the amount of time i spend making excuses up as to why i shouldn't do things is ridiculous, i should just do it!! Same goes with saying sorry, i think it do it just for an easy life but then I end up feeling all angry knowing it really wasnt my fault!

    good luck in 2013

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  2. Your resolutions are so similar to mine, I need to say yes more too xx

  3. Oh wow, so nice that I've inspired you in some way! If you mean my posts at the beginning of each month, they're really helping me to stay more positive. I also find months can drag on a bit and I'm guilty of just looking forward to pay day; this way it kind of helps me see all the good things that I otherwise might miss along the way.

    It sounds like you had a testing 2012 but have come out a much strong person with a more enriched life. Hurrah! In all honesty, you've inspired me with this post and I'd love to take chances more.

    Happy New Year Lauren, hopefully see you at the bloggers meet up? x

  4. Hey hun, sorry to hear you about your problems in 2012, but loving the positive vibes your giving off and your resolutions are brilliant.
    Happy new year and looking forward to reading more if your blight xx

  5. Love this! You inspired me to write a NYR post myself. I only did three, but two were almost exactly the same as two of yours.
    Check it out: http://www.allabouttink.co.uk

  6. It looks like we both went through similar things last year.Well done for getting through it.Here's to a great 2013 for you.Good luck with the resolutions.

    Rachelle Xxx


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