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31 Jan 2013

Heeled Chelsea Boots

A couple of weeks ago, Barratts sent me some boots. I haven't shopped in Barratts for years, and was actually really impressed with their range. I was looking for some Chelsea Boots and they had a fab selection including these beauties

These are the "Shark" twin gusset Chelsea Boots and are reduced to £20

Aren't they beautiful? I love the curved heel. They are really gorgeous, and quite high! I've been wearing them all weekend (and getting used to wearing heels again, I hardly wear them with my job!). Check them out in lots of outfit posts to come!



  1. Hi Laura, how are you? Barratts used to be my favorite shoe shop as it was the only place that sell size 2 shoes in which i could wear them, since they gone online they don't do my size anymore.
    Anyway those boots look really nice and stylish.



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