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23 Oct 2012

Sponsored Video: Kate Moss for Rimmel – Matte Lipstick

The Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel have been a huge hit among bloggers, so now for autumn/winter she has created a range of matte lipsticks created too! I love some of the other Kate Moss lipsticks in the range, so looking forwards to trying a matte lipstick which is unexplored territory for me!
Deep berry colours and matte textures are going to be big news in the colder months, and in the video below, Kate Moss is wearing shade 107 which is definitely on trend for the coming months.


Sponsored video

 I love a deep berry red, and would definitely recommend wearing it in the daytime with lashings of black mascara and letting the lips stand out, but then with a vintage black liquid eyeliner flick in the nighttimes. I also love a deep berry lipstick with a navy blue or deep purple dress like in this look because deep colours are the new black this year according to catwalks! I also love the idea of a matte fuchsia shade of lipstick with bright blue colours –you have to love colour clashing!

 I’ve always been scared of using matte lipsticks because I suffer with dry lips, but having tried a couple of the Kate Moss lipsticks before, I’m hoping they’re just as moisturising and long-lasting. Other bloggers have described them as more “satin”and moisturising than a true matte which puts me at ease!

From the 19th October, Rimmel and Glamour Magazine (http://unr.ly/Wd6ivU), are running a giveaway for the launch. The main prize is for a £150 Rimmel hamper, but there are also 100 Kate Moss matte lipsticks to be won too. I can always do with some new makeup so it’s worth entering!

This post is sponsored by Rimmel, but I thought you’d be interested!

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  1. Mmmmmh make up!!
    lol, I don't wear much but I have a KM lipstick that is on fire!! <3
    Thanks for this I'll if I am lucky!


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