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27 Sept 2012

Review: September 2012 Joliebox

This is my first beauty box, after hearing the hype about them every month, I was excited to be offered a trial of the Joliebox (who have just joined up with the original beauty box - the Birch Box in America)

The box is really pretty, and contains a little drawstring bag with products inside. It also contains a little magazine with some bargains in and discounts (although one is only usable if you live in or near London which annoyed me a little). There are other bloggers saying the box is a different design every month but this time it's apparently the same as last month's. This isn't something that bothers me though.

This week's box contained

- Balmi lip balm
- I Love... facemask
- Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
- Twistband hair bands
- Dr Bragi exfoliator samples
Balmi Lip Balm in mint
This lip balm is my favourite item in the box. I have an "addiction" to lipbalms and use them constantly, but am a nightmare for using them at home and forgetting to put them back in my handbag so I spend forever asking to borrow Becky's ones! However this one has a little keyring part on so I now have it attached to my keys! Perfect. The balm itself leaves lips tingling and is very moisturising. This item is full-size rather than a sample and contains a lot. It's £4.99 normally so that's half the cost of the box already
Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant

I haven't tried these yet, but these little pouches contain some exfoliator which is apparently made from marine extracts.
I love... Coconut face mask
This product looks really nice, and says it should be moisturising. I've not tried it yet as I have really sensitive skin and am scared it could cause spots! Maybe skin products aren't something I'll look forwards to in a beauty box!
Twistband hair bands
From the last few reviews I've read, there seems to be a hair product in each box which I love. However I was a little confused this month. When I initially got these out I thought they looked like tied up ribbons, but after reading the information it appears that they are special hairbands which shouldn't leave lines and bumps in your hair after it's been tied up all day. This seems like a great idea for if you're going out after work. I'm still not 100% sure I would wear them for formal events or important work meetings because they do look a little like I made them. I'll let you know if they live up to the claims!
Redken Straightening Lotion

I'm excited by this product! I have naturally dead straight hair but this blow dry lotion, which comes in a generous sample size, made my hair feel more silky after blowdrying. Personally I wouldn't buy this again as I have straight hair but I imagine it's great for people who have wavy or frizzy hair. I'd not tried Redken before but know some hairdresser friends who rave about the range so maybe I might try some more in the future - especially if they smell like this!

The Joliebox is £10 a month, plus £2.95 p&p. It's a nice little "treat" for yourself once a month if you can afford to budget for this and I love the element of surprise - what are you going to get every month?! I'm also excited by the collaboration with Birchbox which will hopefully "up" the products we get!

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  1. I use the twistbands and gotta admit they're quite useful, tho they don't hold your hair as tight as the other hair elastics. They do however help have that messy bun I really like so I love them! ^^


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