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19 Aug 2012

Review: Stargazer & AKA cosmetics

Stargazer makeup was the first piece of makeup I bought - a silver glitzy eyeshadow! I was sent these products last week to test from Stargazer and their new sister company AKA and here's my review.

To review:
Stargazer false eyelashes #16
Stargazer UV glitter shaker purple
AKA eye pencil in grey
AKA nailvarnish in silky claret
AKA lipstick in flirt

Stargazer false eyelashes
These were really easy to apply and didn't need cutting to fit my eyelids. The lashes are so natural looking and apply really nicely. My only complaint was that you had to cut the top off the eyelash glue and I like to re-use false eyelashes meaning I had to get a resealable glue. They're £4

Stargazer Glitter Shaker
The Stargazer glitter pot is beautiful! It's massive and full of lovely disco coloured glitter! To be honest I'm not sure what to do with it! I would like to stick it to my nails and eyelids and everywhere but need to find an occasion! It's £3 and I need some inspiration for using it if anyone can!

AKA are a new company, sister of Stargazer and have a fresh, more adult look.

AKA eye pencil in grey
This is a windy eye pencil (love windy ones) and it's a lovely deep grey with slight shimmer. It's creamy and applies really smoothly. It's £5.50 and a very unusual colour which I love

AKA nail polish in Silky Claret
I love the colour of this nailvarnish and it applies well giving good coverage after 2 coats. However I was a bit disappointed that it chipped after 24 hours when applied alone. It definitely needs a base coat and top coat but I love the between pink-purple shade. It's a perfect match for MAC Petals and Peacocks lipstick. £5

AKA lipstick in flirt
I really loooove this lipstick! It's the best product I tried. This lipstick is really long-lasting and gives a great colour which doesn't run. This colour is the perfect bright red for my pale skin tone to give a vintage look. £7.50

Overall, I love the AKA products and hope they come out in shops so I can try more. I'd definitely buy a lipstick from their range and they have a good selection of pinks and reds. The false eyelashes were amazing so I will go to New Look and try to find more


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  1. I was wondering if you've used the Stargazer glitter pot yet? If you have, were you happy with it and does it stay on? I came across it recently but am in two minds whether or not to buy it


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