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20 Aug 2012

Revew: HND 3D nail wraps

We all know nail wraps are "The big thing" with loads of celebrities endorsing their own so I thought I'd try some from HND. These are 3D wraps in "A girl's best friend" and "Summer nights"

Unlike Minx and some other wraps, you don't have to use heat to apply them, they just stick on like... stickers!

You just stick them on, use a hoof stick to make sure they're stick down, and then use a nail file to file them vertically and take the ends off. They're really easy to apply.

They give a great impact, but haven't been the easiest to apply (you can see wrinkles). Also because my nails are short some of the pattern was cut up, so you can see on my thumb the glitter has fallen off and you can see my nail.

You remove them by soaking your fingernails in warm water, so I guess if you have a hot shower they will come off possibly. They are definitely a one day only thing, good for a night out but not as long lasting as Minx of course. (which I applied myself in this post)

I'm looking forwards to trying the other wraps, as I love the candy coloured diamond effect with clear parts so you could see a nailvarnish colour underneath.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing these! They look great but I'm always weary of those "nail wraps" cos youre right, they do only last a day or so! I much prefer minx/sally hansen nail polish strips, which actually wear like nail polish! :)


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