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25 Aug 2012

Outfit post: Backless dress and scoliosis scars OOTD

On Friday night, I went out to the Southampton Pitcher and Piano for a leaving do. There are strange emotions at leaving do's - sadness the person is leaving, reminiscing of when people worked together and also happiness they are going on to bigger and better things. You also learn a lot about colleagues and bosses when they've had too much champagne!
I bravely wore this backless dress from ASOS
I say bravely, because I have a huge scar from where I had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis (read my Scoliosis story here). Click the photo if you want a bigger version
I went out with the gorgeous Becky from byBecky who wore a lovely skin tight floral dress and looked stunning. Sadly all photos of us from the night are un-postable!

For a tutorial on how to do my beehive style hair do, check out my "how to do a simple beehive" post


  1. You look gorgeous, and the scarf is unnoticeable!


  2. You look stunning. I wouldn't have even noticed your scar if I didn't know about it! x

  3. You look gorgeous and good for you for not covering the scar up. My friend has scars on her arms which are really bad and it took her a long, long time to be able to go out without covering them up, she used to wear jumpers in the summer just to hide them! We're all so proud of her now that she has them on show. xx

  4. You look amazing we should be proud of our scars. Shows how strong we are x

  5. Such a lovely dress, you are gorgeous and I honestly would not notice the scar of you didn't mention it.

  6. You look good in open back night gown. I didn’t notice your scar until I read the whole thing. That’s the right attitude. Don’t let your scar ruin your fashion.


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