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5 Aug 2012

Fortnight in Photos

It's been such a busy week! I've also been ill the last few days so had no motivation at all to blog, sorry!

Here's my photos for the last fortnight

I went out last night. Here's my look, I'll talk about it tomorrow
I'm not wearing makeup for 2 weeks to help get rid of my spots. Here's the results after one week - pretty impressive.
Leopard print nails!
A lovely seagull in the clear sky
I think my friends have worked out my favourite hobby!
I've got a new camera - an Olympus PEN E-PL3 I love it!
My cat is lazy 
The newly laid concrete and painted front of house. Ready for tiling now.

New shampoo! I'll reciew it soon.

Hope you all had a good weekend, I'm off to watch the Olympics and do some sewing!



  1. OK, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy but better looking! I love your look. Come round to mine - bring bleach.

  2. I've also found that just one day without make up makes my skin look better! Imagine what two weeks would do!

    Loving your leopard print nails! So cute

  3. Thanks girls, I just googled who that is Tabitha - she was pretty - thanks for the comparison! x

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