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7 Jul 2012

Gorgeous unusual jewellery: an interview with ECB Designs

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce you to an amazing jewellery designer, Emma from ECB Designs. I've interviewed her and see some gorgeous, unusual jewellery

Hi Emma, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by Lauren Loves. I first need to say I saw your designs at the Winchester Vintage Fair and have been obsessed with them since, and I wanted to share you and your gorgeous pieces with the readers.

Firstly, tell us about yourself, where are you based, what is your background etc
I am passionate about all things the shimmer & glimmer and to mix my illustrative skills with jewellery is a perfect combination for a creative collision! With over ten years of experience in the jewellery design business I have worked in a variety of roles from freelance to employed to design for high street brands.

Moving form Brighton 3 years ago I am now based in the beautiful city of Winchester where I live with my husband & 2 beautiful children. Its is the perfect place to have a balanced family live and a space for creativity.

I lived in Brighton for years! Love it there! What got you into jewellery designing?
My first experience in selling and designing jewellery was at my local village hall in Somerset . I sold a 50p earring to my friend which I was so excited about this definitely gave me the bug to make to create and to get stuck into being creative.

What are your inspirations?
There are two things that inspire me to make firstly it is the material and the challenge I face to create from something unknown and give it a new lease of life and the other is the design it’s self. Having studied in various art forms through out my time as an artist I always come back to drawing, sculptural & eye catching so commbining these in my latest collecton has been a pleasure.

I love your new range of black and white jewellery, particularly the moth hairband, how did you come up with the design?
Thanks I have really enjoyed making and designing this range. I wanted to make a range of jewellery that was affordable and I can make from home using my knowledge of jewellery making and my love of Illustration. So it started with the fabric and then theme for the Winchester Fashion show was ‘Best of British’ so part of my range is peacocks being fancifully British and the English moth has the essence of fragility and beauty thins relating to the English genteel.

I see you redesign old jewellery but also make your own, what are your favourite materials to work in?
I love to find unsual materials and fabrics that can spark an idea; a watch strap, chandelier peice, my mums buttons etc. But what I have loved doing is chatting to other ladies who have old and broken jewellery and to start to talk about their memories associated with each piece. I get an amazed that memories can be linked to the smallest of components. Memory can be a precious and  a fragile thing and to break  up a piece of jewellery that invokes strong feelings for some can be too much, but having the opportunity of giving it a new lease of life bringing back to life  to a memory long forgotten can be treasured and enjoyed both for the client and for me. I offer a bespoke service using old materials which can be made into wearable & desirable pieces.

I see you were involved in Winchester Fashion Week, how did that come about and what were your highlights?
I have only lived in Winchester for 3 years and now have the time to invest into the local community art projects so I saw this as an amazing opportunity to launch my work and to meet local artists.
The highlights of the week was seeing my Illustrative paintings at the Theatre Royal and on the catwalk but also trading at the Vintage Fair where I sold my first Moth hair band. 

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sue of Soo Bird a brilliantly witty hat designer. We made some 'best of British' hats using here hat skills and ideas with my feathers and moths we created some fantastic tiny top hats

Ok, on to questions that my readers like, fashion and beauty! What is your favourite beauty product?
it’s got to be just a little bit of liquid liner I have been wearing it for over ten years , I don’t think I have had a day with out it! ( boots No.7 and it has to be a long thin brush is a must none of these stubby ones)

I'm a liquid liner addict myself! Who is your favourite designer?
Fashion is knowing it when you see ‘it’. I am a magpie at heart and it takes me seconds to know if it will suit me or not. I have developed my own sense of style over the years which reflects my creativity in the ever changing fashion. So the bargin find in the treasure trove of a Charity shop has to be my favorite.

Any jewellery, Erickson Beamon my inspiration to become a jewellery designer in the first place. They aren’t afraid to mix fabric and challenge perceptions in the jewellery industry sticking to the unique style through the waves of fashion.

If you could sum up your look in three words, what would they be?
Bold, Affordable, Desirable

How would you advise people wear your bold jewellery?
Of course, jewellery is a reflection of who you are and whether it is a small moth or a large dramatic head band the beauty is in the illustration and movement of the material.

What is your biggest achievement?
Rising to the challenge of the Winchester Fashion show 2012  found myself creating in a way that is both creative and commercial. I am excited to see where this will take me....

Hopefully far! What is your dream for the future?
I would so love to have a design house that carried my designs in print, jewellery & even wallpaper.  But also to invest time into the local community through encouraging and inspiring others in there own create style.

What do you do in your spare time?
I don’t  think I have ‘spare time’ my life is like a suitcase with many pockets. The suitcase is carried around with me and at the right time I used what’s been given to me in each pocket/ area of my life. But my family is my energy and inspiration, they are always for me and with me in all I do.

Catch Emma's gorgeous designs at www.ecbdesigns.co.uk or catch her on twitter @ecbdesigns and show your love! I'm going to ask for something for my birthday from her shop!


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  1. beautiful, and soooo unusual! love the peacock! :)


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