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26 Jun 2012

Review: Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Fake Tan Mousse

I reviewed Lauren's Way original tan last year and really liked it, so was excited to try the new Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark self tanning mousse.

The product comes in nice packaging, plain and very girly. The pump is good and delivers tan like St Moriz. I used about 2-3 pumps for my arms.

The fake tan is VERY dark! When I first applied it, I tweeted that I looked like Jodie Marsh when she'd been wrestling and that isn't even a joke. I was incredibly dark.

After I washed off the indicator dye and scrubbed a bit because I was incredibly dark, this is the colour I came out (against my palm to show the colour difference)

 I look like I've spent 2 weeks in the sun! I've gone from my usual pasty self to looking very brown (for me!)


After (plus two showers, it was darker)
 Sun kissed!

Overall, this tan is fantastic for fake tan lovers. If you are experienced in fake tanning and want the effect of 3 applications of fake in one application then this is the tan for you. If you are not experienced though, any mistake will be very obvious. I would recommend it for people who have the time to wash it off, and want a dark hit overnight, but with my fair skin tones it was a bit too dark.

If you want to try it out, here's my guide to fake tanning without mistakes

Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark fake tan is £19.99 from Lauren's Website



  1. wow! I thought you looked super tanned in the crop top photos! Think this would be a bit dark for me aswell!


  2. you look gorgeous!! love the blue skirt!! xx

  3. is the http://www.laurensway.com/ a true website??? as ive ordered from it but had no emails etc


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