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2 Jun 2012

Outfit post: Peplums for work

Peplum tops are "in" at the moment, and when I was at Sainsbury's I saw all their clothes was 25% off. This is the Gok Wan peplum top and was £30 full price

I wore it with River Island skinny jeans and Dorothy Perkins ballet flats.

The cat came over, wondering what I was doing with the tripod!

The back has an exposed gold zip and then a gap for the peplum so you can see my back!

The top itself is made of a thick weave fabric and has short sleeves. It's very comfortable but does ride up a little!


  1. Really want something like this for work as well. Looks lovely on.


  2. Loves this look! It looks great! The mint dress from the previous post is lush to0!!


  3. Arrrrgh Lauren, somehow I've been missing all of your posts! Love this top, not sure if I'd pay full price for it though seeing as it's Sainsburys? x

  4. I know Tabitha :-( when I migrated back to blogger so many people are still following but hardly any actually get my updates on their feeds :-( xxx

  5. I love that this is a wearable version of peplum, you look lovely xx

  6. You have such a great figure!!

    I love the peplum tops that are in at the moment, but I hate the high necklines...they just dont suit me!

  7. I love this look! The peplum adds some interest to a really simple outfit.

  8. That top is beautiful, I am not usually a big peplum fan but I think this top may have changed my opinion! Love the black outfit too, very chic :)

  9. Hi Lauren, I've just bought this off eBay and was wondering how it comes up? I am 12/14 on top so I bought a 14? Let me know what you think?
    Love Carol

  10. Hiya

    The sizing is pretty standard but don't wear a padded bra! The boobie bit is a little tight x

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