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23 Jun 2012

Outfit - Cropped Tops and High Waists

Trying out the crop tops and high waist look, I thought I'd pair my cropped Miss Selfridge jumper with a high-waist skirt from Primark (honestly in real life the skirt is the same colour as the purple stripe in the jumper!!

This skirt used to be a maxi-skirt but I made it into a midi skirt an hour before I went out (bit ambitious!) - see how it used to look here

I'm looking very tanned at the moment, I'll share the secret of how tomorrow with a proper review!


  1. Love the look, the skirt looks very amazing the way you changed it!


  2. This looks gorgeous, clever you making it into a midi in such a short time! x

  3. love this skirt !!! If u get a chance could you have a quick look at mine ... Only just started .....thanks so much x


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