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7 May 2012

Sponsored Video: Summer Shoes from Next

next image 2

Have you been to Next recently? Their shoe range is gorgeous!!

Here’s my top picks for the Spring/Summer

next 25
Pastel Sandals - £25

next 26
Mint peep-toe wedges - £26

next 32
Ethnic beaded wedges - £32 (my absolute favourites!)

next 38
Tan leather flats - £38

next 40
Scalloped flats designed by Davina - £40

There are so many tempting shoes online at Next at the moment, I’m really impressed, they seem to be really upping their game and joining in with other high street shops. I used to think of Next as being for mums and people looking for suits so I’m really impressed.

Check out this video for more

Disclaimer – this post is sponsored by Next, but I do really love these shoes!

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