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24 May 2012

Sponsored Post - ghd gloss collection

Are you a ghd fan? I certainly am and love to use my ghds for curling my hair and sorting out terrible hair days!

ghd have now released their new ghd IV Gloss Collection of ceramic hair straighteners in patent black (ooh shiney) and poppy red which have that classic ghd quality but looking very pretty. As always it has a super long swivel cord, and they switch off if you leave them for 30 minutes which is great! I love using my ghds for classical curls so the gloss texture would be great for this.

With their Gloss Collection press release, ghd have given us styling tips for gorgeous hair. They say once your hair is dry, place the ghd IV gloss styler, at the root and pull the hair up and away from your head. As you approach the end of the section, turn the styler in towards you as you move through to the ends. 

Have you ever bought one of the collections? I lusted over the pink ones before, but I'm loving the red ones now!



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