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3 Apr 2012

Review: Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation

Bourjois recently released their new Flower Perfection foundation which I got for around £11.99 from Boots - it claims 16 hour coverage and mattefying properites which sounded great for my skintype

The foundation comes in a large glass bottle with a strange clear plastic top containing a sponge stuck to the lid - this makes it a bulky product for your makeup bag and if you don't want to carry the whole kit round, it's not the prettiest product

 The formula is thick, gives medium to full coverage and applies well. I'm wearing shade 51 which is the palest and that's great for my skin tone

So for the results - the top image is me without foundation (or any makeup) and the bottom image is me with makeup on

As you can see it does a great job of covering up the spots!!! (please ignore the "with primer" comment, that's from my 17 primer review) the foundation lasts a long time, but starts to build up around the dry patches around my nose and between my eyebrows which isn't a great look, but I don't have to blot my face much in the day which is good - maybe just at lunch time. The sponge is really annoying stuck to the cap and I scratched my face with it, trying to apply the foundation so I've invested in some sponges and don't tend to carry the lid around.

Have you tried this foundation? I love it!



  1. I'll have to give this a whirl! Have you ever tried Clinique's Even Better foundation? I find it perfectly balancing - its non oily and seems to balance shine around my T-zone and combat dryness too. It has medium coverage and makes skin look very natural and healthy. I'm often told what good skin I have, but I owe it all to the Even Better. I find wearing just this and a swipe of mineral powder foundation across nose, forehead and chin works beauty miracles! I'd love you to review it, Lauren!xx

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