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21 Apr 2012

New Ring: Timothy Roe Spinning Ring

Like some other bloggers, I was sent a "Spinning Ring" from Timothy Roe a couple of weeks ago and am excited to show it to you guys.

Firstly, it came in a lovely bag...

and inside the bag was another bag...

and inside there was a lovely ring!

This is the "Glitter Heart" ring from the Spinning Rings Primo collection. It's sterling silver and is only £19!

The idea of the spinning rings collection is that you can stack them up with any other items in the collection such as these inspirations...

Here's how the ring looks in perspective...

It's a lovely, delicate ring and has got my a lot of compliments so far! I've been wearing it every day!

This has triggered a real obsession with Spinning Rings. I'd love the Birthstone ring (July for me!)

There are lots of price ranges, the primo range are all £19, the max range are £35 and the birthstones vary.

I also love...

What do you think of Spinning Rings and stacking rings? I'm going to pop by the Timothy Roe shop in Chichester next time I'm there


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