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13 Apr 2012

Interview: Penelope's Beauty Blog

Loving the blog interviews this month, here's another from Kelsey of Penelope's Beauty Obsession!

hello, please introduce yourself and your blog!hi, my name is kelsey, i am 21 years old and i live in england, in the middle of no where to be precise, with lots of fields and a river and things like that. I work as a hairdresser and also as a part time bar staff, which i actually quite enjoy, m blog is called Penelope's beauty obsession, it was my nickname in school, and its dedicated to my (healthy) obsessions with everything make-up related.

When did you start blogging and why?
i actually started my blog in november 2010, but i actually didnt have enough time or love to continue writing, i started again in may 2011 and i have never looked back, i have the passion and the love to write about what i enjoy.

I first started it because i watched loads of youtube videos and thought it was an amazing way to express what you love, but i was too scared to put my face on camera and discovered blogging, i have recently started to do some youtube videos, hopefully they are oki 

What is your Favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?
I love to day my nail of the day posts, which are every thursday. I get to try out new polishes and tell everyone what i think of them, even if they are good or bad =/, which rarely happens, i have a huge collection of nail varnishes thanks to it.

Describe your style?
i dont really have a style at the moment, im trying to loose abit of weight so im at that stage where i dont really know what to wear, i kind of just wear jeans and i bright coloured top with some flats, i love my flats.
other then that i love the kind of relaxed boho kind of feel, i wish i could pull that off

whats your favourite item of clothing?
Well, it has to be flats, like sandals, flip flops, dolly shoes, anything i love them!!! other then that its a nice warm jacket because i am ALWAYS cold

what is your favourite high street shop and who is your favourite designer?
i have always had a little place in my heart for new look, i loved there clothes ever since i was little, bit lately i have noticed tht they have been increasing the prices to a ridiculous amount, like last month i went in there and a top was like £28 pound, i couldnt believe it. but of course a favourite would have to be primark

my favourite designer would have to be Louis vuitton, i would kill for some of his shoes or a bag =[

apart from blogging what do you do?
i have just started my mobile hairdressing business, which i do part time and then i also work in a bar part time as well, just so i have some steady money coming in untill my business takes off, but i do actually really enjoy and there are lovely people there :D

what is your dream?my dream is that my hairdressing takes off and does well, and i would love to do something with make-up, i would love to work at mac part time or at a beauty counter :D

Tell me a secret?
i would like to have children, but i feel that i am too young at the moment, i know 21 is an ok age, but i would like to experience going to different places around the world and enjoy my life before i have one, so i can tell them all the amazing things i did when i was young lol :D

Thanks for taking part Kelsey! If you want to take part in my blogger interview and increase awareness to your blog, email me lauren@laurenlovesblog.com, tweet me @laurenlovesblog or comment below x


  1. Thanks for letting me take part in this interview was sooo much fun

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