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4 Mar 2012

Review: L'Oreal False Lash Effect Telescopic Mascara

I was sent the new L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara to review (the one in the Cheryl Cole advert I spoke about last week)

I've not tried any of the L'Oreal mascaras shockingly, so I can't compare this to the original telescopic mascara; but basically the idea is that this builds fibres onto the lashes to help them look longer, and is a very intense black to give maximum impact. After falling in love with the idea of the "They're Real" mascara by Benefit but without the bravery to spend almost £20 on a mascara, I was really interested in trying this which seemed to suggest it could create similar results.

The tube is a shiny silver colour (can someone help me learn to take photos of reflective things? I still can't work it out!

(here's the L'Oreal image so you can actually recognise it in the shop if you want to get it)

The brush is a rubbery one, which helps comb the mascara through and help the fibres stick to and elongate the tips of the lashes. I like plastic brushes but agree with lots of other bloggers who say sometimes if you catch the base of your lashes it does make your eye tingle a bit!

And for the important part... the results! I'm SO impressed by this mascara. Normally I go for formulas which thicken lashes rather than lengthen but I'm loving this one!
(before above, after below... obviously)

From the side

 This formula is prone to clumping a little as you can see so this isn't a mascara for people who don't like the spidery effect but I love it! It gives a great 60s makeup vibe and will look fab with my regular winged eyeliner and some nude lippie I'm sure! It gives a great impact and I'm so impressed with it!

Overall - 9/10!! One of the best lengthening mascaras I've tried. I'll defnitely be repurchasing this and for £10.99 it's almost half the price the lusted-after Benefit They're Real mascara!

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it?



  1. I just got this a few days ago and I love it! I used to use the original one when I was younger and that was fantastic too, I'd say this is just an improved, more dramatic version.

    I also have the Benefit They're Real and although I liked it, I find this MUCH better and love that its so much cheaper! Looks gorgeous on your lashes! xx

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  2. I was going to get the Benifit one, but now I might try this instead.

  3. I have not tried it, but I might as it looks like a great mascara for an effortless dramatic look! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I adore this mascara! It's my number one choice and i've used it ever since it came out! I have thick dark eyelashes as it is and before this came out i uses a No7 mascara called 'lash adapt' (i think...) as all the rest of my makeup such as my foundation, blusher and eyeliner are No7 products. But i decided to try a new mascara (this Loreal one) as my lashes often clumped together and my right set of lashes always looked odd compared to my left ones wihich always looked perfect!
    So i tried this Loreal one and now I ALWAYS buy it as it makes me look like i'm wearing false lashes! :D
    It also goes really nicely over false lashes too! (I found this out when i wore them for a party) i LOVE this mascara! Oh and did i mention it looks great on you! :)
    But if i were you i'd try this mascara in 'hypnotic brown' it'd really compliment your eyes and skin tone! :)
    I'm anonymous on here as i don't have any of the accounts listed but search me on facebook! :)
    My name is 'Emily Stead' i have shoukder length brown hair and i'm wearing a beige- coloured top on my profile pic. :) i'll keep looking on your blog :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment Emily! Why not friend "lauren loves" facebook page and I'll find you from there



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