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15 Mar 2012

Review: 17 Photo Flawless Primer

I bought the 17 Photo Flawless primer at the weekend after the Benefit assistant recommended it to help hold my foundation on my greasy skin

The primer comes in a really small tube and I paid £4.99 for it

The formula is super-silky and spreads well, minimising pores and giving your skin a great smooth canvas which is easy to apply makeup to

So in the fairness of testing, and being an obsessive scientist, I risked looking stupid and applied primer to just one half of my face, and applied my normal makeup over the top. The right hand side of my face (so the left on these images) is covered in primer

8am - makeup application

On the primer side, you can see the pores are minimised, my foundation has applied well

12pm - lunchtime

By now I'm feeling a little shiney - I'd have applied powder by now but because I'm testing, I haven't

And each side in detail...

I look slightly shinier on the non-primer side I'd say but I don't think there is a noticable difference. I asked a colleage and she said she couldn't see a difference. HOWEVER, the spot on the primer side is still covered (you can't see the red, it's near my ear!) so that's a bonus.

4.30pm - home time

So at home time, in my head I am dripping with grease but is that the reality?

 I am looking really greasy on both sides, all my foundation and concealer has shifted and melted off my face and I'm screaming out for powder!

The verdict
For a night out, this primer is great, the way it diffuses light and holds concealer on for a few hours. Photos from my night out last week shows it does really well with camera flashes and lighting

Therefore I'd say that on a budget this primer is a good buy for people who find their makeup slips off. Combined with a good pressed powder this could help your foundation last. However, if you're after a good primer for work and not needing top-ups of powder then this isn't something I'd recommend.

I wouldn't recommend this primer because as you can see from the photos, there is little to no difference between wearing and not wearing primer!

Rating (remembering that I've never tried a primer) 2/5 - this won't be becoming an essential part of my beauty routine



  1. I use this primer too I find it really good because it's budget but still works. Great review too xx

  2. Well you certainly couldn't have tested it any more thoroughly! Great review Lauren, sorry it didn't work for you. I'm loving the No7 Airbrush Primer, but of course it's more expensive!
    Nic x

  3. That's dedication! I've never used primer xx

  4. I think it is really great that you did all that just for testing purposes! I was tempted to buy this primer, and now I don't think I will. I have similar skin to you (greasy/oily) so thank you for saving me money!



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