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20 Mar 2012

Blog Loving Interview -

Today's blogger is Aimee from AimeemcKenna.com

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog
Hi, my name is Aimee McKenna and I am the creator and author of aimeemckenna.com which is a beauty blog that gives product reviews and make-up tutorials.

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging back in February 2011. To be honest, there wasn’t really a particular reason why I started, I just have always had a huge passion for make-up and I have always wanted to be a make-up artist from a young age so I just wanted to see what would happen, and it has proved to be really successful.

What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?
My favourite feature of my blog is my tutorials. It takes a lot of time and effort to do these but I think they are a really good way of sharing tips and ideas whilst telling your viewers which products you use. I am always looking at people’s make-up and I hate it when people do things wrong such as wearing too much foundation or mascara, or their eye-liner isn’t quite right. So I think by sharing my techniques, I feel satisfied that I have made the resources to help people. I also love sharing looks I have created or looks that are on trend.

Describe your style
I’d say my style is definitely unique compared to other girls my age. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than somebody’s natural beauty, meaning I believe that people don’t need to have bright orange skin or have hugely long nails to look beautiful. I do think that the media does put a false image onto young girls in the way that they see female icons in magazines etc, and they try to be like them, yet they don’t realise what they are see is not actually real, it’s just the misleading art of airbrushing – we all want what we can’t have. So although I have a style in this way, I also love anything vintage or retro. I love Cath Kidston and anything from a 1950’s era because I feel that it’s really feminine and glamorous.

What’s your favourite item of clothing

 My favourite item of clothing is a chiffon top I bought in Dunnes (an Irish department store). I love it because it because it’s so pretty. Another favourite item of clothing is a dress I bought form Dorothy Perkins

What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designerClothes wise, I’d say my favourite high street shop is Dorothy Perkins because I tend to fit their clothes really well. They are also very feminine and pretty. However I do love other shops such as Republic, Topshop and sometimes New Look. In high street shops, I don’t just look at the clothes to decide whether I like it, it has to have a good layout. I hate shops that have clothes everywhere and look like a jumble sale. I have favourite shop for different items of clothing, for jumpers and tops, I’d go to republic, for shoes I go to New Look, for jeans I go to Topshop and for dresses I go to Dorothy Perkins. My favourite clothes designer has got to be Gilly Hicks because it’s very feminine but quite vintage at the same time. However I also love looking at Yves Saint Laurent dresses and Chanel clothing in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. For make-up my favourite high street shop is Debenhams or Superdrug. I can walk into to one of those stores and easily spend at least £40. Both shops have most of my favourite brands of make-up. My favourite make-up brands are Sleek, Mac, Avon, Dior and The Body Shop.

Apart from blogging, what do you do?
Apart from blogging, I also sing, shop and go to the gym as well as work on theatre productions – obviously doing make-up.

What is your dream?
My dream is for my blog to become even more successful and to always have a happy life. I want to be able to look back at my life in fifty years time and be proud to say I was successful, not as in rich or famous but I want to be able to feel satisfied and not make any mistakes I’m not proud of.

Tell me a secret?
I don’t really have that many secrets, I’m not really a secretive person, but there is something I don’t tend to share a lot with people. When I was little, probably about three years old, I used to go into my mum’s room and put on all her make-up. But I didn’t know what to do with any of it, I used to put purple eye shadow on my cheeks and I used to get lipstick all over the room. I feel really bad now, I couldn’t begin to imagine how I would feel if one of my children ever did that to my make-up. Sorry mummy x



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