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5 Feb 2012

My week - Aussie winning and lust lists

I know I've been so lazy with my blog recently so I thought I'd give you another update on my week.


I'm working away at my new job and still loving it. I'm working with an amazing girl Becky who I discovered also has a blog so you should TOTALLY check her out because she has an AMAZING sense of style. Her blog is By Becky


I was so excited to learn on Thursday that I WON the Aussie Hair AussieMore competition (see my post here for what I did!). I won a £250 gift voucher for ASOS and found out that ASOS were also giving 25% off for students so armed with the boyfriend's student card I bought these 2 dresses


ASOS Midi Dress With Contrast Belt - £45.00

ASOS Midi Fit & Flare Dress with Basqued Waist - £45.00

I love this style of dress, which would be perfect for work and also going out. I'm not sure what else to get with my voucher though - I'm so used to trying not to lust after things since I bought a house! However I think being allowed to buy things at ASOS has caused problems and now I want things all over the place.


Also on my lust list is this dress from ASDA

Belted pleat dress - £20


I also love this jacket from Topshop where I have a £30 voucher left from Christmas!

Asymmetric Belted Jacket - £58.00


Moving in is going well, but slowly. Here's my bedroom at the moment (my hangout! I love my bedroom)

I still haven't found homes for everything, and the spare room is a mess of suitcases and boxes. I also have to get someone to tile the kitchen so we can finish it and decorate the 2nd hallway (which I'm hoping to start tomorrow). Moving is such hard work. I seem to spend my life unpacking, washing up and finding a home for things!


I will try to blog more this week. I have a few ideas so I'm going to try and write them  up when I have time and schedule some posts. I am trying, bear with me and I will get back to normal when I've finished unpacking!


Much love to you all, especially the other Aussie Angels who made me cry with their kind words of support xxx



  1. Huge congratulations on winning the Aussie hair challenge hun, your posts were brilliant.
    I've had my eye on the same dress from Asda since i spotted it in the magazine the other day.
    Trying to convince Neil to buy it for me.

    Can totally sympathies with the unpacking/cleaning/finding homes for everything. Takes time but you will get there with it all xx

  2. Congratulations on winning, it was very well deserved as your post was amazing.



    From the start there was only going to be one winner, it could only be you! Well done Lauren, super pleased for you :D


  4. Congratulations! You will serve as an inspiration to everyone...

  5. Your review was so convincing it immediately went on my TBR list. :) I would really love to have a copy of this book. It really looks great.

  6. congrats again to you in the Aussie win! such a good prize too!
    lovely dresses you've bought, Asda dress is simple and nice too, may have to have a nosey..
    Glad moving in is going well, room looks a lovely size and that dressing table is beautiful. :)

  7. Lovely fashion!I am hoping this can be a big help to me too...

  8. I love how you posted this kind of article and photos to us...Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the love Lauren :-) you 100% deserved to win the hair challenge and I love your picks. House photos look great too! xxx

  10. I like the red dress!

  11. I was tempted with Belted pleat dress! It looks simple but elegant, I love it!

  12. The red dress is awesome!others are brilliant too...

  13. Congratulations on the winning Aussie! What a lovely dresses you have bought and i like the Belted pleat dress.


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