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11 Feb 2012

Handbags that look like paper cartoons!

I saw this on thefashionpolice.net and had to show you guys! The company JumpFromPaper have created handbags that look like they're 2D drawings, but are actually genuine handbags! They are mindblowing!



See this


The bags are quite expensive, and are imported so might incur taxes but I think they are just the most unique bags I've ever seen and even with the video I can't quite get my head around them. I need one!

What do you think of bags that look like cartoons?



  1. These are AMAZING!! Such a great idea, I really want one! xx

  2. O wow! I love this bags, they're amazing! x

  3. handbags are awesome and this is one of the best too...Thanks for the information stated here then...

  4. I love the handbags here...Awesome!

  5. Looks really amazing..I want to buy this kind of bags..A big thanks for the info..

  6. omg! i love it! it's pretty cool and amazing. so fashionable. i want one!

  7. These are amazing and so different.


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