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6 Feb 2012

Crimes of Fashion - Brand edition

Since starting my Crimes of Fashion posts, I don't think any other company has been classed as criminals as often as Aqua! Here's the highlights I discovered this week!

Do you know those annoying door tassl-y bits in some shops or in 70s houses. This dress reminds me of them! And what's with the strange ears that cover your boobs?! If you want this dress it's (surprisingly) reduced to £110 and you can get it here. p.s. you can take the string part off and have an odd shaped minidress (sadly the ear boob flaps don't come off)

Ever had one hot leg and one cold leg? No me neither, but the designers at Aqua think there's a market out there! This skirt is reduced to £45 at ASOS here, and I could see myself closing the car door and driving for miles with the long half sticking out the door!

The unflattering outfit of the week award goes to this jumpsuit

It even makes the model look dumpy which totally frustrates me as it could look really gorgeous if it didn't make her look like the most pear-shaped pear in a box of pears. Plus it's already puckering around the zip.

Anyway that's enough bitchyness for this week. I think I need a shower to wash off the nasty-ness!



  1. The last one is awful I agree. Not flattering even on the model!

    The top two I could see them looking amazing on the right person styled the right way though. Not on the average person mind you, but then aqua isn't an average brand.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  2. Haha Have to agree with some of the horrors Aqua do produce. On the other hand I've recently bought a couple of nice, "normal" looking dresses from there. They always have a fab sale xx

  3. Totally! With their way out designs they have some amazing things and others that aren't quite my "cup of tea"! Xxx

  4. That one legged thing? My eyes will never forgive your or them.

  5. Simple but very stunning!

  6. Wow! I really love every fashion collection here.. I want the color black style, It's look elegant.

  7. This is really amazing you looks so stunning..thank you for sharing this post to us..

  8. ummm the first dress i might consider of wearing but the second and last? uh uh! a big no.


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