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9 Feb 2012

Charity Valentine's Gift - Own a Colour with Purple Ronnie

Purple Ronnie, Dulux and UNICEF have teamed up to create an individual Valentine's gift - Own A Colour! For a minimum donation of a pound, you can get your loved one a custom Purple Ronnie poem and the chance to pick and name a unique colour; and at the same time you can save a child! So far they've raised over £99,000 but obviously want to raise more. If you buy one now, the gift will appear on your loved one's facebook wall on Valentine's day!


They did me one!


For fashion tips and beauty

For make-up, skirts and gloves

There’s just one destination blog

It must be Lauren Loves!



Head to their facebook page now to have a look and own a colour! (and save a child, obviously)

Disclaimer - I was not paid for this post, I was just made a drawing and poem


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