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6 Jan 2012

Hair Diary Challenge with @Aussie_Hair_UK #AussieMore Week 3.5 and 4

So a month has passed and here's hair styles 12 to 18! I've also done a couple of how to videos at people's requests. If you want to see the other hair do's I've done, see post 1 here and post 2 here!


Here's the rest of the months hair styles.

Wash 12: faux bob

Wash 13: half halo pleat from the front into a side bun

Wash 14: Big hair down day

Wash 15: Side of head hair bow!

Wash 16: Posh ponytail with wrap around (first day of my new job!)

Wash 17: Beehive half-up and half-down

Wash 18: 1960s style big hairband down do

The Faux Bob tutorial video

I also did a tutorial video for the sideways french pleat

And here's the video I used to do my hair bow (by Imogen Foxylocks)

Hope you enjoyed this installment! If you want any videos let me know, or if you have any hair ideas I can try then let me know!



  1. This looks fab :) I've been using Aussie products lots recently, I did a post on them yesterday on www.mediamarmalade.com. Love this idea though - the bow looks amazing xx

  2. I love those videos. You make it look so easy. I tried in the mirror and it was more difficult because it was all backwards ;)

  3. Love the hair bow. You're doing so well with this challenge...I've worn the same style every day since getting my shampoos, I'm a bad angel! x

  4. Love the pleated hair do!
    I've done the hair bow quite a few times after seeing a tutorial on youtube aaaaaaages ago but your video is so much better <3


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