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8 Dec 2011

How to Wear: Leather Miniskirts

I'm a BIG fan of the leather miniskirt but I do tend to get odd looks when I say this. In my head I have...

Images from PurseBlog forum


But in everyone else's heads they see...


Oh dear.


Anyway in the hunt for the perfect skirt, I do what I do best, I went on eBay. I came across the shop "Charming Magpes" who are also accessable as a Vintage shop in Winchester (near me! YAY!) and bought a vintage 80s leather skirt. However I thought, how do I wear it without looking slutty? I came up with some simple rules:


1. Wear it with something oversized if it's a tight leather skirt

leather skirt: Charming Magpies, T-shirt with doggies on: River Island

2. Mix up the textures with chunky knitwear

I love this winter look! Leather skirt: Charming Magpies, Cable knit jumper: C&A in Germany

3. Don't be scared to mix sheer and leather

Leather skirt: Charming Magpies; Sheer shirt: Topshop

No I don't mean sheer, see your bra and look slutty sheer, but something floaty. I love the contrast.

What do you think of leather skirts? I can't wait to wear it tucked in to something as it's high waisted! I wore the final outfit last night to the pub quiz!! Sadly it didn't help us win though!



  1. I love what the Olson tiwn (I am not sure which one it is, lol) is wearing, looks funky and relaxed. I have a tan leather skirt that is just above the need, which I have worn only once; here http://www.urban-butterfly.com/2011/08/dinner-date.html

    I would like to wear it to work to get more wear out of it but worried about 'The Look' Love how you wore it last night, it really suits you. x

  2. Whilst Mila Kunis looks lovely in her leather skirt I much prefer your sheer(ish) top and leather skirt!
    I have a suede and leather skirt which I love but never knew how to wear it until i tucked a band tee into it and funked it up with accessories.
    What a great post <3

  3. I really like the 1st style above, its the one I would go for. Which one did you opt for when you said you wore it to the pub? I wasnt sure what you went for in the end?

  4. You look so lovely in these photos. I can never pull out a leather miniskirt like that


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