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27 Dec 2011

Hair Diary Challenge with @Aussie_Hair_UK #AussieMore Week 2 and a half!

So it's been over a week since my last Aussie post (click here to see week one's styles) and I've been playing some more with my bigger bottles of Aussie and styling my hair. Here's 6 styles since the last post. Again I apologise for the camera phone quality pics!


Wash 6: sideways french pleat (I will make a video for this when I have a spare second!)

Wash 7: a high bun done with backcombed hair

Wash 8: Normal french pleat

Wash 9: Natural down hair!

Wash 10: a spikey, wrappy, mad up do. Not sure how to describe this one

Wash 11: low side pony-tail with a little quiff (which you can't see sadly).

What do you think of my second round of styles?



  1. I love your number 6 :) look forward to seeing a tutorial of that!

  2. Can't wait to see the tutorial for that plait! Love the messy up do as well. Would be something I'd spend ages trying to perfect.


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