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6 Dec 2011

Day 6 - Giveaway

Today's treat is another giveaway from Cornishware at TGGreen - "a couple of mugs"

These gorgeous mugs are worth £25 and are personalised to what you want on them!


These would make a fab romantic gift or something lovely for parents or parents in law (don't tell my parents in law this is what I'm getting them!) but they have given me a set to give away! They are guarenteed to be delivered for Christmas if ordered before 16th December. If you want your own, you can order them from here

What would you get on yours? I'd probably get soppy nicknames... Simon would kill me but I call him Seagull (because he steals my chips) and he calls me Lobster (because I'm cold and clammy!)

To win:

  • Comment on this post with “enter me” and tell me what you would have on your mugs (unless it's too personal!)

  • Leave your email address in the email box below – only I will be able to see this.

  • Giveaway closes 23:59 on Monday 12th December 2011 and winner will be announced soon after

  • Only open to people who follow my blog or facebook. For an extra entry you can also tweet “Come join @laurenlovesblog advent calendar and weekly giveaway http://laurenlovesblog.com “



  1. enter me! will have to think about the nicknames!

  2. Enter me! Geek 1 and geek 2? hehe

  3. Enter me! I'd put salt and pepper! Which is not original but it's funny :D

  4. Enter me please! Hmmm not sure what I would put...

  5. Enter me please :)

    I would probably have our nicknames put on them!

    I have also tweeted.

  6. Enter me!

    Mine cups would say Mama and Papa

    I have also tweeted this giveaway @LittleMama71


    Happy Holidays!

  7. BTW, I'm a follower via GFC as lisa_carbone and on Facebook as Lisa Carbone.

    Cheers, Lisa

  8. tweeted @sarah34090 https://twitter.com/#!/sarah34090/status/144088652761399299

    GFC sarahlouisa90


  9. Enter me! :)

    I know it's not very inventive but I think we'd have a simple His & Hers on our mugs :) We're always fighting over the "nice mugs" at uni :P

    I tweeted too :) x
    http://twitter.com/#!/rachyylou/status/144124484876640256 xxx

  10. Beth Quah Soo JingTue Dec 06, 07:02:00 pm GMT

    Hi Lauren! ENTER ME
    I would put RALPH & ANGELA:) ordinary yes, but I can't think of any other:) my cousin just married the love of his life,and their names together look swell:)
    I tweeted under my twitter name@BethQuahSooJing
    The tweet URL is https://twitter.com/BethQuahSooJing/status/144128010864427008
    I follow LaurenLoves via GFC(BethQuahSooJing) and my email address is elizabethquah@gmail.com
    I think lobster sounds great! Lobsters are HOT & RED, haha, when they are cooked:)

  11. enter me!

    Think that they would both have to say "mine" (just for confusion)

    Following LL on facebook

  12. I have no idea what i would get on the mugs but these are too cute not to enter!

    Also tweeted :)


  13. I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Lubaska/status/144146081054334977

  14. Enter me!
    I would like to have probably "môj" and "tvoj" (mine, yours).

  15. Enter me please :-)

    Think i would go for, Tea and Coffee

    (neil is always moaning about being able to taste my coffee in his mug)


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