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29 Nov 2011

Review: Barry M Dazzle Dust in Pink Gold (dd3)

When I saw the Children in Need Rocks concert on TV a while back, I saw Fearne Cotton and knew I NEEDED to copy her look



So I ran to Superdrug (see my haul post) and bought a nude-gold toned dazzle dust. Looking at this picture of Fearne again I realise I bought the wrong colour and finish completely so if anyone knows something like this let me know.


Anyway continuing with the review, The dazzle dust looks like this:

It looks a lot pinker in the pot than it does on the skin! The packaging is really nice, a solid glass pot with a plain lid. The opening is big enough for a brush and it hasn't got one of those annoying shaker lids on where you have to tap some out somehow without getting it EVERYWHERE!


It looks like this on:

As you can see it's much more a nude pink with gold in when spread on the skin than just a pink like the tub shows. However it's no Fearne Cotton colour!

I applied this to bare skin without vaseline or anything to hold it on, to give you an idea of the true colour. If you wanted it more like the pot colour you could use a base or primer such as vaseline to hold on the powder but I wanted a more gold look. It has great lasting power and lasted all day without drifting down my face which I was impressed with. I applied it with a smudging brush to get this look, then applied liquid eyeliner on top.

Overall - 4.5/5 - one of the best shimmer eyeshadows I've worked with and has great lasting power. I'd definitely buy another colour (I'm looking at another nude! Maybe Mink) but not in this particular colour again.



  1. How do you stop dazzle dust going all over your cheeks?!

  2. I hold a tissue under my eye when I apply it, and stick it to some vaseline already on the lid. Alternatively, spread it in like I have so there isn't lots loose to fall down x

  3. you could try urban decay they have a good colour range, something like maui wowie or midnight cowboy rides again. their heavy metal glitter eyeliners are good too they can be worn on their own or over an eyeshadow something like baked or midnight cowboy, the baked colour is nice although it's more bronze. they also do a stardust range which looks really good but I've not tried this range yet!


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