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1 Nov 2011

Crimes of Fashion: Fur Fails

I haven't done a crime of fashion post in so long and now I have several to update you on! The bitchyness is back with a bang!


So faux fur is "like totally in" this season and in my search for a dark brown faux fur coat, I have come across some COMPLETE crimes! Here's just a handful...


Fancy looking like the blue monster from Monsters Inc?

Well now you can for £59 from Love Labeel at Very!



Love the look that scabby abandoned cat round the corner is rocking? Well now wear something that looks just like it! It's £65 from Love Label at Very again.


Wanting too-big 1970s 2 tone scabby fur? ASOS has got you covered and reduced to £96!



This half bathmat-half fur monstrosity is also from ASOS and is down to £60. (even the model doesn't look convinced!)



Into looking like a 5 year old? Well this ASOS number has likkle wikkle earsies! and at a ridiculous £80 will no doubt be super-popular with 1st year student wannabe hipsters.



Finally - do you love Cruella DeVil? Well channel her look with this ASOS "dalmation coat" for £85 from ASOS



Finally, enter my non-criminal Lipsy Dress Giveaway which ends on 3rd!


  1. Miaaaaaoooow! Love it x

  2. Er. I would like to look like the Sully from Monsters Inc. He's snuggly. Plus if I am gonna wear fake fur I want it to look super fake, as I'd hate to have to find accessories to match both the fur and the red paint splashed allover me. But thinking in practical terms, I wouldn't get it because it rains too much in England, and the blue drowned rat look isn't cool. x

  3. Am loving the Monsters Inc look!!!!!!!

    Does make you wonder why people buy these types of coats. Never mind each to their own xx

  4. Ha Love this.

    Some of these coats are hideous. The monsters inc is what came to my mind as well for the blue coat. Why would you want that. Perfect for fancy dress i think.
    Kelly x

  5. Totally agree with all your remarks! Hideous! Some would be good for little girls though.

  6. I have the asos two tone fur jacket. It looks awful on the model, but it's actually much nicer when I tried on. I like it's collarless so my long hair looks better.

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