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3 Nov 2011

Crime of Fashion - Useless coats

I seem to be on a coat theme with my crimes of fashion posts! Browsing for my new winter coat online, I stumbled upon these 2 useless excuses for coats.


1. The Aqua "Spineless" jacket

From the front - respectible work jacket

From the back - open back jacket which is cold and/or inappropriate for any imaginable opportunity

This is another ASOS item and is currently reduced from £115 to £92


2. Vero Moda Cropped Ribbed Poncho

I am lost for words on this one. Firstly they've dressed the gorgeous model in clothes less stylish than my grandads and secondly can you EVER think of a situation where you'd think "let me just throw on my tiny hooded poncho top which does nothing" no!! If you really want one, cut up a jumper! It's £40 from ASOS.



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  1. hahaha amazing! lol do you think people actually buy them? and WEAR them? x

  2. OMG seeing these does make you wonder what the designer was thinking!!!!!


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