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2 Nov 2011

Crime of Fashion - Spaceman Suit

I really love the look turkeys rock at Christmas, or do you love that blanket they give you when you get hypothermia? Well ASOS has a simple, every-day solution



This suit which really will look darling with winter pasty legs and maroon wedges as shown is simply stunning and makes me think of a gold spaceman or a massive Primark quilted handbag.

If you want to look this good, the jacket is at ASOS for £60 and horrifyingly I couldn't (easily, without actually clicking to search) find the shorts.


Don't rush at once, I'm sure it'll be there for a while.


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  1. Perhaps (really a perhaps) it would be passable to wear one of the pieces with the rest of the outfit plain.

    I think the jacket could look cool with a black dress and tights or something simple like that.

    I wouldn't like to see it the way they've decided to model it though. Waaaay too much skin and those shoes do not go in any way!

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    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

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  2. I'd say, it's really good! The whole outfit is really out of this world. And the girl is stunning!

  3. "Don’t rush at once, I’m sure it’ll be there for a while" made me laugh! :-)


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