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4 Nov 2011

Blog Loving - The Blind Date Marathon

Here's a blogger who you really need to know about. I've been following her blog for the last few months and love it so wanted to share it with you! Today's blog loving is with...

Kelyn from The Blind Dating Marathon

1) Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog

My blog writing name is Lagerblush and my real name is Kelyn. I have studied psychology, global politics and history and I am currently working in marketing and operations.

My blog the ‘The Blind Date Marathon’ follows me on a comical journey to complete a dare to go on 20 blind dates. These blind dates were all set up by my closest friends. As I am quite shy the dare was a challenge!

2) When did you start blogging and why?

I started the blind date marathon in June and began writing in September.

The purpose of my blog was to let my friends know how well each of the dates went and to give my dates an honest account of what I thought. It's a pleasant surprise that many other people have been reading it too.

3) Tell us more about the challenges

On a serious note I had recently been quite cynical about dating. The blind date marathon forced me to jump in at the deep end and this has been really good fun. I find it a challenge sometimes to be brutally honest about my dates but that is what they’ve asked for. The idea is that dates get an ‘evaluation’ and potential tips for the future. I try to do this without hurting other people’s feelings.

4. What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?

Several people have said that the thing they like most about my blog is its honesty and humility. For me, the posts that have really stuck out in my mind are ‘Date 1 A- Full frontal nudity on a first date’ because it was my first ever date and it was so extravagant, and Date 10 Martin – FAIL because he kept me interested in him even after the date was over.

5. Onto my blog's favourite topic - fashion! Describe your style

For the office, I quite like masculine styles with a feminine edge such as grey, boyish office trousers with a pink shirt and heels. I generally wear casual, tom-boyish clothes but for my dates I have preferred to glam it up a bit. I find tunics perfect because they are dressy but not over the top or revealing enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

On date 1 I had a disaster where play doh got stuck to my outfit. Since then I have always prepared with more than one outfit!

6. Taking more than one outfit?! That takes a big handbag! What’s your favourite item of clothing

To answer this question, I asked my 6 best female friends what item of clothing they like best on me. Four of them said my close fitting, plunge red dress. I like it too but I’ve never been brave enough to wear something so revealing on one of my dates. Maybe I will next time!

7. What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designer

I buy a lot from the standard Arcadia Group stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and Dorothy Perkins. Although I like their fashion I get frustrated with how common they are. It’s quite annoying to walk into a bar and discover that everyone’s outfit matches.

I love a lot of Japanese, Chinese and Korean casual fashion and whenever I go to the Far East I buy a suitcase full. It’s cheap and I like wearing something that not every other Brit has! There are a few Asian online retailers which I might give a go such as Pop Fashion. You need to be careful about sizes though. East Asian clothes are usually very petite in comparison to Western sizes.

The only designer item I buy are prescription glasses!

8. Apart from blogging, what do you do?

I work full time in marketing. I work part-time as a tutor and a young people’s ‘life skills’ mentor. I have also worked as an employment mentor for adults with mental health illness.

9. What is your dream?

A challenging, creative and helpful job, a kind, gorgeous, intelligent partner who can cook, a beautiful big house in the countryside and a city penthouse.

Not much to ask! In the meantime I guess I can make do.

10. Tell me a secret?

Here’s a secret that might be up your street. One of my dates complimented me 3 times on my lovely perfume but in actual fact it was a combination of Charles Worthington balancing act dry shampoo and hair healer. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I just hadn’t washed my hair! It’s not the greatest dry shampoo but it has a nice scent.

Ooh good tip! Thanks for letting me interview you, I can't wait to hear more about your dates! Everyone needs to head over to Kelyn's blog now!


  1. This sounds like a brilliant read! I'm heading over there now xx

  2. This is really awesome! I love the tips.. Excellent job on the interview.. Thanks for posting!

  3. Great interview. really awesome....thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a great interview and She looks lovely in her dress. I laugh at the secret she shared since I use to receive the same complement from a guy.

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