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17 Nov 2011

BIC Soleil Competition - Just Live!

Disclaimer - this is a Sponsored Post but none the less I thought it would be interesting information for you girls


BIC Soleil are telling women everythere to "just live"! Across their facebook page they are having a massive "Just Live Your Christmas Party" Competition with weekly giveaways and a grand prize at the very end. Prizes include a day out with Dorothy Perkins stylists, a stay in London and cash for a night out, as well as smaller giveaway prizes!

To get involved, just head to the BIC Facebook page HERE and click like. Then answer their weekly question to have a go at winning. Also the facebook page includes tips from others and interviews with beauty bloggers (with me coming up!) who will share their tips for life and Christmas!

The celebrations are to promote the new  Shaver grip technology which Body Language expert Dr Jane McCarney says can reflect our personalities! From the descriptions of how you grip your shaver, which one are you!?


‘Talk to the Palm Queen’ – you hold your shaver with four fingers on top and it acts as an extension of the hand with the tip of the shaver resting in the palm of your hand. This grip allows you to shave quickly and efficiently and reflects your direct, driven and pragmatic approach. You like to be on the go and enjoy being active and juggling lots of things at once. You don’t have time for high maintenance beauty regime but you always look well dressed and prepared for whatever life throws at you whether at work or at play. Perfect BIC® Soleil® shaver: Bella

’The Pincer Princess’ – you normally hold your shaver between the top index finger, just like you would your tweezers and favour taking time over your beauty regime and being very precise reflecting your perfectionist approach to everything you do. You love nothing better than girlie nights in pampering you and your friends, whilst having a good gossip. You are known for your feminine style and your friends consider you as a great mate. Perfect BIC® Soleil® shaver: Miss Soleil

The Feather-Light Lady – you tend to hold the shaver at the end of the handle with your fingertips, a bit like a make-up brush and use a sweeping, smooth action. Your shaving stoke mimics your soft and gentle nature. You are happy to remain behind the scenes and are imaginative. You are a trustworthy and loyal friend and partner and have an air of sophistication. You like to spend time on your beauty routine and you look like you take care in your appearance. Perfect BIC® Soleil® shaver: Lady

The Pencil Painter – You hold your shaver with the thumb and middle finger and guide it with the index finger from the top, much like a pencil or paint brush. You are independent, free-thinking and known for your creativity. Sensual and intuitive, you instinctively know what goes together and looks good – be it colour, texture or shape. Your sense of style is distinctive and unique, and you enjoy always looking your best. Perfect BIC® Soleil® shaver: Scent


Apparently I'm a "talk to the palm queen" so should use the Bella, which is funny because they're the ones I always pick up in Boots (no kidding, I can't bring myself to fork out more for the other brands, but I also never buy the really cheap ones because they look like they'd shred me!).

I'm not sure how psychologically accurate this is, and I'm sure my colleagues wouldn't want me to use this test as an assessment with the patients I work with, but it's a good bit of fun!


Anyway good luck with the competition girls and head over to the facebook page to see my interview pop up soon! UPDATE - my interview is live! x

Viral video by ebuzzing

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