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26 Oct 2011

Wednesday Wants - Paul's Boutique

I haven't done one of these Wednesday Wants posts in ages!


I first heard about Paul's Boutique when it started appearing in shops such as Topshop but I associated it with Barbie and School girls (not sure why!) However paying proper attention to them, I've realised that they're a collection of bright, very different handbags and purses which are mouthwateringly colourful and I actually want one or more!


Here's a selection of the bags that I want to find in my stocking (yes I'm already getting excited about Christmas - had the East 17 song in my head all day!)

 Paul's Boutique Maisy bag in pink and orange

I love this bag for the colour clashing pink and orange in neon colours! I think this would totally brighten up any rainy day like today and I love the patent leather. It's £61 which is quite a lot but very unique. It also comes in more "normal" colours such as this lovely nude and candy pink

Paul's Boutique Maisy shoulder bag nude

Paul's Boutique Maisy Shoulder Bag in Pink

Loving the individual zip charms for each bag too! I'd totally paint my nails the same pink and wear matching lippie with this one! Such a chav at heart!

Paul's Boutique Quilted Holly bag coraly red

I also like this "Holly" bag for the preppy chic quilting which is starting to creep in for next season and the bright coral red. It's £60 but I've seen this one in real life and it looks really lovely and worth £60.


What do you think of Paul's Boutique? Is the new collection, like it did for me, making you change your mind on the brand and making it lust-worthy?


  1. Quite liking the pink one, and think i could work with the pink and orange clash.

    I have a similar quilted style bag and must admit that i love it. Very spacious. xx

  2. Would love to get given any of these

  3. My favourites of your picks are the Maisy bags.

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