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31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween: Costumes of my life!

Are you having a good halloween? This shockingly is the first year I've not gone out in fancy dress and I'm totally missing it! Here's some of my favourite fancy dress costumes (and some of the worst) from the last few years


Alice in Wonderland - ok so not scary but at least not sexy! I'm not one of these girls who uses Halloween as an excuse to dress slutty. That year I wore bought dress from online, white tights and shoes from Primark, petticoat I made myself


Cowgirl! this outfit was easy - checked shirt and denim shorts I already owned, hat from Claires accessories, gun from toy shop!


Goth! My friend had a "goth party" one year and we all went as goths. I love my housemate Basil here who we convinced needed eyeliner, and then said you legally can't wear eyeliner without mascara. He went from looking metal band hard (in his head) to completely camp (to the rest of the world)


Swinging 60s! Yeah even I don't look convinced by this outfit. It was all I could afford in the first year of uni as I already had it all in my wardrobe!!


This year all I've done is decorate my new house!

My little pumpkin was only £1 (I bought an orange paper lantern on eBay and coloured it in with a marker pen) and if you're interested you can read all about my house and the creepy dungeon we found in the basement (I'm not even kidding) then head to...

Lauren makes a Home

Finally remember to enter my LIPSY DRESS GIVEAWAY! There are 3 dresses to be won and I need more entries! I've been so upset about this giveaway - So far I've had around 60 but about 35 of them were people who only had twitter accounts and blogs for competitions and they all came from moneysavingexpert so I've deleted them as this is for genuine readers and bloggers only. It's not fair if people who read this don't win because of someone who enters every competition going in the world.


Have a lovely halloween!



  1. I think the Alice one is my favourite - it's really cute! :)

    That's so sad and annoying that people create blogs to just enter competitions - like you say it wouldn't be fair if someone who genuinely reads didn't win because of that! I'd enter but I don't think Lipsy go up to my size which is a shame as the dresses are ever so pretty! xx

  2. Love Alice in Wonderland outfit hun, very cute.
    One summer scheme we had a story day, (any excuse for the staff to dress up) i went as Dorthy :-)

    I know it's nice when you win a competition, but it's not fair to set up an account, just to enter competitions.

    I've entered and keeping everything crossed :-) Would make a lovely Christmas present to myself.


  3. Aaaw the Alice costume is so cute. My daughter was Alice last world book day

  4. You actually looked really pretty as goth :)
    And the cowgirl is a perfect last minute costume, sooo easy!


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