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19 Oct 2011

Feline Eye Makeup Tutorials Inspiration

Just a quick lazy post from me today.


I've been looking into new ways to do my eye makeup because I'm (shock horror) getting bored of the plain feline eyliner flick so thought I'd share with you some fab videos from beauty blogger Masquerade Makeup! Enjoy!

What do you think of feline eyes? Meow!!


  1. That is pretty amazing. Love to try this out!

  2. Amazing, just in time for halloween - I will have a practise run with this tomorrow.

  3. I will surely apply this strategy.. Thanks for this great video!

  4. Great tutorial video... Now I learn some new tricks to enhance my eye makeup. Thank you for sharing these tips...

  5. I save this address for my wife to check it out later! She's really into doing make up.

  6. I really love to learn how to apply a very amazing eye shadow.. I am not a good makeup artist.. Thanks for the idea!


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