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2 Sept 2011

Wanted: Masculine Watches

Big watches are big news - I love a chunky watch and currently am coverting what turns out to be a man's watch! Here's some examples of why I love a feminine outfit and a chunky masculie watch

Jennifer Aniston in a masculine Rolex (source)

Loving paper-bag waist chino's, a blazer and gold masculine watch (source)


Olivia Palmero in a gorgeous masculine leather strap watch (loving the leopard pumps too) (source)


All watch images taken from Time Squared


Emporio Armani Rectangular Stainless Steel Men's Classic Dress watch - £199


ToyWatch Monochrome Pink Chronograph Watch MO10PS - £170

Old England Be Brave Black and White Unisex Watch OE126SQ - £90

Casio Silver Digital Watch A168WA-1QY - £30

Casio Silver Digital and Analogue Watch AQ-230A-7DMQYES - £33

Guess Spectrum Round Gold Plated Dial Gold Plated Case  - £155

What do you think of chunky masculine watches?



  1. I like masculine watches :) Aw and I adore Jennifer's watch! That's a lovely rolex :)


  2. I LOVE this watch trend! I just bought the Michael Kors MK5128 rose gold plated watch and i love love love it! :) x

  3. yup! loving this trend too! i got myself a big, gold watch from asos recently! LOVE


  4. Ooh I love masculine watches, I have a few. They'res in my pics on my site, check them out if you want...


    I really like that Guess watch, might have to go see it in the flesh.

    You don't have any on this post but I like Michael Kors watches, he does a lot of masculine ones that are so cute!

  5. Hey Lauren. Masculine watches are part of the current trend popularised by celebrities. I have always been a fan of digital watches thanks to their looks and functionality. I was delighted to find a website TicTacTime with selection of casio watches. Get inspired from some of them!

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