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3 Sept 2011

Review: Real Bodycare

I'm so late with this review! I was sent these cute tester pots of Real Bodycare's Real Skin Cream moisturiser to review last month and haven't had a chance to review them so here it is.

I was sent the Real Bodycare set of Three Samples which is £9 from Real Bodycare

Apricot and Shea; Hemp and Shea; Rosehip and Shea

Real Skin Cream is rich and organic, made with 100% pure organic oils and only 4 ingredients (no preservatives!) It promises to give your skin "everything it needs to stay happy and healthy" which means antioxidants, moisturisation, oils which heal skin and no toxins. Sounds good right?

All creams have a mousse-like texture and they are very creamy and easy to apply and rub in. They also all smell lovely which can be unusual for organic products. I took these all on holiday to Thailand and they lasted the heat and humidity (except one which I kept in my pocket on the plane and it melted!)

You can see the mousse-y texture

Apricot and Shea

This is my favourite of the three, mainly because it smells delicious! I used this on my face and lips throughout the holiday and on the plane as it was really tasty and hydrating. I found it really moisturising and easily absorbed, and it didn't block my pores or feel greasy on my skin (although it did leave me looking a little shiney) Real Bodycare state that Apricot oil is a light, softening treatment for dry skin, and also helps to balance oily skin, leaving a smooth and silky complexion. I found it was really great for dry environments such as on the plane or the hotel rooms with air-con.

Hemp and Shea

This one is the real "miracle" cream of the bunch which has shown great results in Real Bodycare's recent Eczema trial. The ingredients of Organic Hemp Oil and Shea Butter are great for dy and irritated skin, and also hemp oil is an anti-inflammatory which means it's great for loads of skin conditions and protects damaged skin. I therefore used this cream on sunburn at night to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation and although it wasn't a fair scientific test, the sunburn was gone after 24 hours and this moisurising cream prevented peeling (I think, I didn't have a control burn to test my theory on!)

Rosehip and Shea

The Rosehip and Shea cream is marketed towards more mature skin and scar tissue. This is because Rosehip Oil is known for its properties of healing damaged skin and encouraging cell regeneration. According to Real Bodycare, in a Chilean study in 1983 it was shown to reduce wrinkles, fade age spots and leave skin smooth and fresh after four months of regular use. It was also shown to heal scars and restore skin's elasticity after surgery. While on holiday I dabbed this on healed mosquito bites! I am a nocturnal scratcher (no matter how much antihistamine cream I put on, I would wake up having scratched my mozzie bites and have scabs, meaning I had some pink patches of skin which were a little marked) I blobbed this on twice a day when the scab had come off in an effort to reduce the scarring. Again I don't know if it helped compared to normal as I haven't got a comparison but the bites on my arms are completely healed and the ones on my legs have almost faded.

Overall - 5/5

As someone who once persued the organic skincare route, I can tell you that these creams are really lovely! They smell delicious, have a great texture and apply well which is more than other organic creams. They are very gentle and didn't trigger any reaction in my sensitive skin so hopefully they won't with others too. I like the packaging which is rustic and the cost of the large size (100ml, 10x bigger than the samples) is reasonable compared to organic creams at £25.

If you're interested in Real Bodycare Real Skin Creams, they're available from www.realbodycare.co.uk



  1. Oooh the hemp & shea cream sounds good. I suffer from eczema and my hands have been really bad lately, may have to give this a go!

    T x

  2. hemp instantly makes me think of pot which stinks, rosehip of herbal tea which is boring but apricot: mmmmmmmmmmmm
    love the look of these little tins. so cute xx

  3. I love the little samples I got :D I have a giveaway for a large pot of it on my blog if you're interested: http://lovefromeden.blogspot.com/2011/09/real-bodycare-review-and-giveaway.html

  4. Hi Tabitha

    The hemp & Shea cream is really good for eczema and we promise you not all hemp products smell bad, this cream smell more of Bergamot citrus oil than hemp to be honest.

    We would be happy to send you a free 10ml sample of the hemp cream for your eczema. Just email me your details (sian@realbodycare.co.uk)and we'll pop one in the post for you.

    Best wishes
    The Real Team


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