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30 Sept 2011

Review – New Kleenex Skincare Beauty range

So a couple of weeks ago Kleenex announced that they were releasing beauty products and kindly sent me some to sample.


It may seem strange that the biggest known tissue company in the UK are going into the beauty market, but apparently Kleenex were invented originally as a beauty product for removing makeup. I was sent all 4 items in the range – facial cloths, facial cleansing wipes, eye makeup removing wipes and Shine absorbing sheets.


Overall – firstly I like the packaging on the range, it’s clean and plain and has pretty masks on each to symbolise “take your mask off” which I know a lot of us makeup addicts have to do each day. The products are also made from ecoform fibres meaning the product is made from sustainable, green sources and are all natural which is good.


Kleenex Facial Cloths

kleenex facial cloths 2

Firstly, I apologise for the box, it got crushed in the post!


The cloths are very versatile as the box promises

kleenex facial cloths 1

Reads: I am a versitile cloth suitable for many uses including: cleansing face, toning face, removing eye-makeup. removing nail polish. Simply add your own cleansers and toners – or just use with water


Each sheet is massive and has the textured surface to make makeup removal easier.

kleenex face cloths 3

So far I have used them with toner – the cloth isn’t very absorbent so you don’t use too much product which is good. However for toner, I rip the cloth into 4 so a little goes a long way. I don’t know that I’d purchase them as I normally use cotton pads and these make more sense for the way I apply products. They are priced at a good value £1.99 for 30 cloths.



Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes

kleenex wipes

These facewipes also have the nice texture and thickness of the facial cloths making them really easy to use. They leave your face feeling clean and moisturised and smell very fresh and nice. I’m not much of a face wipe user as I don’t like the residue they leave behind but these are ok and would be great for your handbag or for removing makeup after a night out and when you’re feeling lazy. They leave me fresh faced and I haven’t had any reaction to them with my sensitive skin.


I would definitely buy some when I run out as these are really handy to have in the drawer, and at £2.99 for 24 wipes you can’t complain!



Kleenex Eye Makeup Removal Wipes

kleenex eye make up removal wipes 

These are a really nice idea. I’ve not seen eye make up removal things like these before. The packet presents eye make-up removal wipes in the same way as face wipes with a sticky closure. The wipes inside are covered in a lot of product so they are very wet making eye makeup removal much easier. The cloths again are thick and hold together even with vigorous scrubbing (such as when I had dyed my eyelashes so needed to thoroughly remove the dye.


Here’s the proof that they work well:

kleenex eye makeup removal wipes results

Before                                                                          After

As you can see they have completely removed all the makeup around my eyes leaving them fresh, clean and bright. They also feel quite moisturising and are very gentle and don’t sting. Again this is another product I’d buy, especially handy for travelling. They are again £2.99 and contain 24 wipes.



Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets


kleenex shine absorbing sheets


This is the best product of the lot! In this slim, handbag sized box you get 50 shine absorbing sheets which are very thick and work really well. I’m sure you’ve all tried the little ones from shops which resemble tracing paper and do about the same amount of good. Well these are amazing! The thick purple sheets which are patterned on the side that the public will see in the toilets, stick to the grease and remove it quickly and effectively to leave a shine-free face without the cakey-ness of applying more powder. Cleverly, they also have a sticky tab at the top which means when you close it and re-open the packet, it pulls a sheet out for you!


I’m so impressed by this product – I’d definitely buy more of these when they run out as they have been a lunchtime stroke of brilliance! They are just £2.99



Overall – the must have of the range is definitely the shine absorbing sheets, and the leave them if you like are the facial cloths. I like the face wipes but mainly because they are thicker than normal face wipes which makes them feel luxury and don’t rip. The eye wipes are a great idea and I’ve liked using those so I’d also recommend them.


Items are priced between £1.99 to £2.99 and are available from Superdrug now, and other stores from January.



  1. Love the packaging, so clean and simple.
    Next time i'm in Superdrug, i'll have a look at the range. The absorbing sheets sound great!

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