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1 Sept 2011

Review: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

As most of my regular readers will know, I'm a fully paid-up member of the Liz Earle fan club and pestered the PR and Twitter people that I want them to make a foundation one day. When I got an email last month saying they were releasing a skin tint (a tinted-moisturiser come foundation) I was delighted to be sent one.


I have been testing this for 3 weeks now, and took it to Thailand for testing so I think I have a thorough grip on the product and will give you a fair review.



The skin tint comes in a deep blue sparkly tube. I like the tube because I think it keeps your products cleaner than a pot which you dip your dirty fingers in, however for £21 I'd prefer a more luxe packaging like a glass jar which you could recycle. Maybe that's just me but I like a nice bottle for my dressing table.

The product

As you can see the cream is very thick. It comes in 3 colours, bare, beige and beach (I have bare, the palest colour). The good thing is that if you order a tube, you get a sampler of all 3 colours so you can check which one suits you best and send back your tube and get the right one if you chose the wrong one. It's also got SPF 15 in.

 It blends easily into the skin to match most skin tones which is very good and also means it's easy to apply.

As someone who's a stickler for swatches of products on the areas they're intended to be used on, here's my face before and after application

As you can see, it has evened out skin tone, covered some lighter blemishes although you'd need more concealer for bigger blemises and under-eye concealer (Excuse the jet-lag eye circles!).

The consistency of the formula is very thick and I think it stays tacky and you can feel it on your skin the whole day. It's very moisturising and "dewey" but sadly on my skin that means I'm a greasy mess within an hour so I personally need to wear a powder over the top.

Overall verdict - 4.5/5

- Pros

  • I like the coverage and colour

  • I love Liz Earle products and this hasn't let me down in the way that I don't have an allergy to it and I haven't developed spots.

- Cons

  • It's too moisturising for my greasy skin

  • It feels quite thick on my skin even though I've put a thin layer on.



  1. It does look quite thick for a tinted moisturiser but that's probably a good thing as it'll give blemish-prone people like me, who like a thicker coverage, an alternative to the usual tinted moisturiser and foundation!

  2. looks lovely but way too greasy for me, even at 47 wish they would make something that was,nt comedengic try garnier miracle skin perfection , at this age like beening a teen ag\again but with lines


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