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28 Sep 2011

OOTN – Vintage Reworked and Clothing Confessional

Recently an email popped into my inbox which inspired me!


“Weight Watchers are raising money for Tommy’s charity with a ‘Clothing Amnesty Initiative’, whereby supporters can donate their unwanted clothes via the clothesforcash scheme – and raise over £10 per donated bag! We’re also asking the public to get behind the amnesty by telling us their Clothes Confession - that item that you’ve bought but have only worn once - via our new Facebook app. And in return for this Clothes Confession, Weight Watchers will donate 10p directly to the charity”


This made me think, what's my clothing confession?


Years ago, my Nan who is also a sewing enthusiast, created this dress (it must be a good 30 years old now) and I took it off her dreaming of the gorgeous retro looks I could pull off. Sadly I’ve never worn it due to the too-large bust (I wasn’t blessed with her cleavage!) and the fit


before collage

Therefore as part of the clothing confessional I dragged it out the wardrobe, got my brother to photograph me in it and I’ve uploaded it to the Tommy’s facebook page


After bouncing around in this dress feeling guilty for half an hour, I started to be inspired to mash it up with other clothes, and settled on this skirt from Primark

mash up collage

Ok you can still see that the bust is too big for me, but I really love the colour combination (although the boyfriend and brother don’t agree!) So I wore it out to TGIs last week!


What do you think of my vintage reworking. Check out the Tommy’s app or if you have anything you don’t wear then donate it now!


  1. That dress is amazing! Too bad about the fit, it looks adorable on you otherwise.


  2. I love the blue, black and lace on the second one, I like the brightness of the blue, its contrast is eye catching.

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