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11 Sept 2011

OOTN: Vintage 60s Wedding Dress

Last night I went to my boyfriend's friend's wedding and wore modified vintage!! This dress was my grandmother's, but she gave it to me a while ago. I'd not worn it before because it's too big for me. It normally has straps, a bow at the waist, a matching wrap and it's too large so I cut off the waist bow, tied the wrap around my waist really tight to hold it up and tucked the straps in! Here's the results


What I'm wearing:

Dress - Frank Usher

Necklace - Chapelle

Shoes - Primark


And here's the befores:

Bit Big!


What do you think of my vintage wedding look?


  1. You look stunning Lauren - great Vintage reworking! Xxx

  2. This looks lovely- great recycling of a lovely dress :) xx

  3. Beautiful dress, I love the customisation! X

  4. You look beautiful in your grandmothers dress :) Love dresses that have a history to them. x

  5. This looks amazing! Excellent customising skills! Love the colour too! xx

  6. You look gorgeous, that dress is stunning xx

  7. so pretty love the colour and the material, it looks gorgeous on you. I would love to see a pic of what it looked like before :)

  8. Good idea. I'll post a before photo tonight x

  9. wow this is amazing. You are truly talented and the dress looks gorgeous.

  10. Love what you did with the dress!!! Really good thinking Lauren!!!

    First time visiting your blog...loved it!!

    xo Rose


  11. This is quite brilliant! It suits you well and you look nice in this dress! I bet you must have been an attractive girl in the wedding and gives people a kind of good mood! How did your grandma react? She must have been glad to see it!


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