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6 Sept 2011

My Nail Varnish Collection - Whites and Nudes

I thought that considering I own SO many nail varnishes/nail polishes, that I'd showcase them all in swatches for you guys, with a post dedicated to each colour. So today's edition is my whites and nudes collection


From L-R: 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt; China Glaze in Oxygen; Jessica in Blush; Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Ivoire Rose and Misa in High Waist Hue

and on the nails - I've only used 2 coats of each so you can see how they all turn out

Thumb: 17 Mini Skirt - I found this nail varnish hard to use without it looking streaky and uneven. I think this would take 3-4 coats to become totally opaque

Index Finger: China Glaze Oxygen - This nail varnish applies more evenly and gives a more sheer finish as you can see from the swatch. This has performed very well but has gone gloopy quickly

Middle Finger: Jessica Blush - This nail varnish applies very delicately and evenly. I like the finish it gives which is very natural. The only thing I can think to critique it is that a manicurist once told me you have to use a Jessica top coat to seal it because without a top coat it marks easily

Ring finger: Maybelline Ivoire Rose - this nail varnish is fairly sheer and applies well. Very middle of the road

Pinky: Misa High Waist Hue - I LOVE this nude. It's got flecks of blue and a hint of pink to it which makes it look more mannequin manicure than smokers nails. It is very opaque and 2 coats is normally enough to cover the nail line.

Next time - my extensive pinks collection!

What do you think of this post as a series? Are you interested in snooping around my nail varnish collection?



  1. Loving this idea! I'm hoping it will save me looking like an idiot at Boots trying on various nail varnishes that don't have time to dry! hehe bring on the reds!

  2. The Maybelline one looks great, and reasonably priced too I bet.


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